Personal & Executive Coaching w/Michele Davenport

Personal & Executive Coaching w/Michele Davenport

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Private Description: come to this laser coaching session to explore any topic of your choice,  beginning with the wheel of life and ranking your current level of satisfaction across a variety of areas, such as romantic relationship, career, physical environment, health, etc. We’ll do a deep dive on an area where you feel congestion or a limited fluidity. Each Goddess will walk away with greater clarity on her position regarding that topic, and real accountability to take action to move forward with intention and purpose.

Small Group Description: Starting with the Wheel of Life, we will use Michele’s Discover and UncoverTM Handbook to lead an exercise on a topic of interest to the group (anything from how to address being “invisible” at work or home, to closing the gap on perception versus reality, to tapping into your inner voice, then CHOOSING what to do with your new knowing. It’s a powerful way to show up fully for yourself, while benefitting from the collective energy that makes up your group.  

PLEASE NOTE: Michele is only available on the dates of 10/4-10/7.

Your session can be booked here and paid by credit card or paypal OR paid in cash directly to Michele. To book here, please choose your session type and email Michele at to confirm your date and time.


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Michele Davenport's Mosaic Coaching Solutions is a boutique executive coaching and personal strategy firm that specializes in helping people figure out what's next.  Be it at home, work, or play, coaching results in heightened self-awareness, clarification on what matters most - resulting in taking decisions that are intentional and purposeful. Using the co-activity Michele believes the answers are inside you, and her role is to guide you to discover and uncover all of the best parts of yourself, then to create accountability to build muscle and get more of what you want.

Michele works with sales executives, hospital administrators, educators, early career-technology experts, personal trainers and more. Clients represent the following companies - Facebook, Kipp Schools, Robert Wood Johnson Healthcare, Wells Fargo, CAA and HBO (partial list).

Michele offers private coaching, small group workshops, public speaking addresses, full-day intensives, and women’s empowerment retreats. She works out of her Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, California offices where she serves men and women who are committed to putting together all the pieces to create a whole.