Personal Brand Coaching w/Kered Clement

Personal Brand Coaching w/Kered Clement

from 55.00

Your 1 hour individual or group session with Kered Clement will cover the following:  

What is Your Dream? - How can we make it a reality?

Cultivating Your Story - What makes you unique? What do you stand for?

Developing Your Narrative - Describing your purpose in one paragraph.

Defining Your Brand Pillars - Outlining the critical pillars that support your brand.

Creating Content to Cultivate a Community - The importance of relevance and engagement.

Making Your Dream A Reality - A plan of action that will put you on the right path.

Your session can be booked here and paid by credit card or paypal OR paid in cash directly to Kered. Please choose your session type and email Kered to confirm you day and time at

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Kered Clement holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, PR and Broadcasting from the University of the Arts, London. Kered entered the industry at a time when print media was in decline and swiftly adapted to the ever-changing digital sphere working as a Digital Content Producer and Social Media Strategist for independent clients, newspapers and women’s monthlies.

While working for various publishing houses, Kered identified a gap in the market for a magazine that represented cosmopolitan women of all global cultures in a truly inclusive way. In 2010 she launched ComplexdWoman magazine, the UK’s first digital publication for multicultural women -  It successfully reached readers in 180+ countries worldwide with content that was relatable, visually diverse and representative of reality.

With over ten years experience in content production, Kered is attuned to what makes readers tick. Her journalistic affinity for provoking words coupled with compelling visuals marries perfectly with her pursuit of artistic and eloquently styled aesthetics, which led to working with forward-thinking brands, who value human connection.

To date, her tenacity and purpose allows her to communicate clearly, creatively and with clarity for the end user with the ability to express brand positioning through a wide selection of channels, (digital, social, experiential, direct).

She finds inspiration in people and seeks to discover innate talents and intangible virtues, such as creativity, passion and loyalty,  through her mentorship explores.