9 Excuses You Can Leave In 2017



I'll start this post out by saying that many of the beliefs below are real, genuine things you might be feeling. What you are feeling is valid, but you are never blocked from achieving what you want unless you choose to hide behind an excuse rather than exploring it and working through it. This post is written with love for you and your habits because I know you can overcome the beliefs that hold so many people back from their best lives!

Each of these has held me back in the past, so we're in it together. Let's leave these 9 excuses where they belong, and that's OUT of our vocabularies....

1. "I don't have the time."

Simply put, your schedule is a map of your priorities. Whether it's your job or scrolling through Facebook, your schedule clearly indicates what is most important to you. If something benefits you and is non-negotiable for you, you find the time rather than waiting for a spot to open up. Have any time-draining activities in your life or a chance to be more efficient? Work on these one by one and see what opens up. Preparation and planning are key to time management.

Reframe: "I will set aside 10 minutes today to FIND the time for ______."

2. "I don't like to eat healthy."

This used to make me furious when I first started coaching, but now I laugh about it with clients… because now I understand. First, what you’ll need to do is clarify what “healthy” looks like for you. It could be juice, but it also could be picking making one healthy swap at your next dinner out. Second, you don’t need to wake up tomorrow and give up everything you love. Healthy changes for you only last if they are based on things you already love, and you’ll be surprised at how many healthy ingredients are already part of your diet right now.

Reframe: “Improving how I eat can start with things I love.”

3. “I hate exercise.”

Me too, back in the day! And part of that was because growing up, I always felt like I was forced to do exercises in gym class or be “good” at whatever it was. I hated sweating. I hated how long it took. What you can do instead is start with what you are already doing. Do you go shopping? Take an extra lap. Do you ever feel stressed? How about getting through some emails on a slow moving treadmill so that you are using the same amount of time to do double the tasks.

Reframe: “I already am moving my body daily and I can build from there whenever I WANT to.”

 4. “I don’t have the money.”

The best quote I’ve ever heard about money is this: “Show me your bank account and I’ll show you your values.”

Sometimes we have such a hard time investing in ourselves, but how much better would your life be if you invested in you? In your well-being? In someone who pushes you to grow? In a book that could propel your career?

Maybe you don’t have the money right now. But you can be certain it’s coming your way if something matters to you.

Reframe: “What am I willing to do to create this money and opportunity for myself?”

5. “I can’t stick with the habits I start.”

Do you grab your daily coffee before work? Do you settle onto your couch and watch the news with your snacks? Do you scroll through social media before bed?

Guess what? You’ve created a habit!

What you haven’t done with the habits that failed was attach enough value, meaning, and enjoyment to them for them to be consistent.

Reframe: “I am willing to grow, adapt, evaluate, and switch up a habit I want to create until it sticks.”

6. “I don’t have motivation.”

I don’t either. I don’t think I will EVER have the motivation to simply get up at 6 AM and power through a workout. That’ll just never happen if you rely on motivation.

What I DO have is the setup that makes my habits automatic and makes me a well-oiled morning routine machine...

A systematic nighttime routine. Good sleep. Breakfast already set up. My workout clothes laid out. A reward that works for me after the workout and the amazing productivity in my day that comes with it.

Notice that NONE of these include “motivation when I wake up!” … I’ve set up this habit so that I cannot fail, and that’s what you can do for any habit. Don’t rely on your motivation in the moment… set yourself up for automatic success.

Reframe: “I don’t rely on motivation, I rely on my own preparation and experimenting until it works.”

 7. “I have no self-control.”

Have you ever been at a party and filled your plate up with the junk food and completely ignored the vegetables? Let me guess… you might have felt like you had no self-control.

But actually, you showed a TON of self-control! You willingly chose to eat junk food because it tasted good and that’s what you wanted in the moment. To turn the outcome around, your reason to choose something else has to bring you more happiness or value than the other. I had a client who told herself she was a supermodel at parties like this and she ended up filling up on veggies first and THEN choosing a small amount of junk. This worked for her because the feeling of calling herself a supermodel and choosing the veggies FELT better than going for the junk first.

Reframe: “I am willing to weigh my consequences and practice choosing things that make me feel good.”

8.  “I’ve been good, so I deserve ____.”

What does your body deserve after a great workout?

What food do you deserve to eat in order to feel good?

How can you reward yourself in a way that doesn’t hold you back?

Reframe: “I’ve been good, and I deserve to feel good.”

9. “Everyone else gets to eat what they want!”

Everyone else makes a choice with every bite they take. They are choosing to indulge, to eat healthy, to feel good, to not care, to treat their bodies well… the list goes on.

You have that same freedom too, right?

To be successful in life and health, you might have to work a bit harder than the crowd. Any time you spend comparing yourself to others unfortunately takes away from time you can focus on yourself and your own accomplishments. Stay in your own lane and eat/do what makes you feel good!

Reframe: "Everyone gets to eat what they want and I do too. "

So… wow. This feels more like a PSA than a blog!! But it’s made with love as these are excuses that have held ME back. If I can change one person’s mindset to be more powerful and improve their self-efficacy, it’s worth it.

Take it or leave it, but your health and life are in your hands. Things happen to you, but you respond in your own way and have the power to create any habit and action you need.

Thanks for leaving these excuses behind with me and cheers to your health!

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