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A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Bestie

2020 has been an experience. From conversations about racial injustice to civil unrest and weathering a global pandemic, the holidays couldn't get here any faster to give a nostalgic sense of happiness. Yet, even during a non-traditional holiday season (such as this one), there is still room to create memorable experiences and give gifts that send messages of love and holiday cheer. As the holidays make their way upon us "Tis the Season" to create a new spin on seasonal favorites or introduce a new self-care routine to your best friend. Below are our top gift picks for the 2020 Holiday Season:

1. OMNoire 3 Year Anniversary Hoodie - $54.95

We couldn't deliver a gift guide without introducing the OMNoire 3 Year Anniversary Hoodie! This unisex pullover hoodie is for anyone who wants to keeps themselves warm and look stylish while doing so. Not only is this fleece hoodie soft in texture, but it can be worn casually or "dressed up." Take a few pointers from our Founder and wear some nice red lipstick for a pop of color, and your favorite earrings. You might want to make your purchase soon though, because this is a limited edition item, and is already a hit among the OMNTribe!

2. OMNoire Breathe Tank - $28.00

How cute is the tank? It is a collaboration with one of our favorite black woman-owned businesses, Mess In A Bottle. It can be worn as loungewear with yoga pants or pajama bottoms while you're working from home, or you can dress it up by wearing a blazer over it, with a pair of jeans, and some nice pumps. This is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who stays busy and needs a quick reminder to prioritize themselves. While practical, this tank's explicit messaging is sure to resonate with your girlfriends and can be received as a radical way to pause and breathe on tough days.

3. By Ms. James Gift Cards - $6.00

Representation matters. By Ms. James' greeting cards are the best accompaniment to any gift. Although the company is self-described as simply a stationery company, what sets her brand apart is the incorporation of black images on all items, particularly her popular greeting cards. Budget-friendly and culturally relevant, these cards will keep you laughing well after the gifts are unwrapped. While Ms. James' cards are delivered in single-print, there are wholesale and custom options available as well.

4. Rayo and Honey

Canvass Pennants - $75.00

Totes - $ 45.00 - $55.00

Canvass pennants and totes make up the bulk of Rayo and Honey's inventory, however, don't be so quick to turn your eye, as each item is carefully curated to give the consumer a unique and positive message. Both canvass pennants and totes incorporate culturally relevant expressions that are inspirational and are a welcomed change from the typical messages we see.

5. Jade Purple Brown - From $75.00

Your art enthusiast friend will thank you for this one. Whether she is looking to redecorate her space or just loves art, Jade Purple Brown is the best gift. Black women serve as the muse for Jade Purple Brown's work, delivering a means to celebrate your melanin through her various depictions of blackness. Her use of bold and bright colors uplifts the spirit and provides the perfect background to exalt the richness of black womanhood.

6. Triple O Nail Polish

Nail Lacquer - $6.00 - $11.00

Gel Polish - $13.00

2 in 1 LED/UV Lamp - $50.00

4 Piece Customizable Holiday Set - $39.00

Triple O Nail Polish has a unique premise. Aside from the brand offering a broad range of colors, what makes them appealing is that each shade is designed to be flattering on women of all shades. If that isn't enough to make you buy, the Afro-centric themes should draw you in. All colors are African-inspired paying homage to African kingdoms and empires. Recently, gel polish options and an accompanying UV Lamp were added to the collection, making it the ideal gift for your friend who wants to stay in for her "mani" and "pedi".

7. Goodnight Darling Co.

Room Spray - $15.00

Bath Soaks - $5.50

Herbal Tea Blends - $4.50

Mugs - $15.99

Goodnight Darling Co. lives up to its name by providing items that are not only great to use as you prepare to have a relaxing evening at home but also to celebrate restful moments with fun mantras like "real women nap." Items range in price but manage to stay within a healthy budget for those of you looking to make a more reasonable purchase this year. Whether you decide to purchase a new mug or a bath soak, you can't go wrong in choosing some much-needed self-care products that will have your bestie feeling like her best self.

While it is always great to receive gifts it can be even better to give them. The sentiment behind gifts far outweigh the monetary value and so it is my hope that the list provided brings a feeling of wellness to your special friend. Self-care is a minimum during this time and the more tools at your disposal, the better you and yours will be during this holiday season.

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