Angela Yee's Journey To Juicing And Why You Should "Drink Fresh Juice"

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

For those who live a hectic, hustle-heavy lifestyle, you’ve likely become accustomed to grab-and-go breakfast options loaded with sugars, carbs and unwanted additives. Whether it’s a questionable smoothie from your favorite chain or a breakfast sandwich packed with calories, we’ve all been there. And for Angela Yee, radio host and partner at Juices For Life (Brooklyn) and the newly-launched Drink Fresh Juice, her breakfast habits eventually birthed an entire lifestyle change and a new juice brand.

“I was inspired because of my schedule,” said Angela Yee while speaking with OMNoire on why she started juicing. “Waking up early in the morning...I'm not a big, hearty breakfast person. And so, for me, I was like 'What can I have in the morning?' Because I do want to make sure I have something. I would be so tired sometimes. Just low on energy. So, I started getting juices. I still do drink green tea in the morning. I would get juices, but the juices I was getting I didn't even realize how they weren't that good for me...Not looking at how things are pureed. How they add juice to it. So, it might be apple juice, orange juice, but that's not real. That's not anything fresh.”

Launched earlier this year, Drink Fresh Juice boasts an entire line of organic cold pressed juices. Among the juices currently included in the line are Watermelon Apple Pineapple, Green Veg and Beet Gingeraid. 

According to Yee, to get Drink Fresh Juice off the ground she linked with a childhood friend who just so happened to own their own farm. Together they set out to create a juice brand worthy of refreshing and nourishing the masses. 

“What I ended up doing was teaming up with somebody who I went to school with when I was younger,” Yee said. “They actually own a farm...I went to them and they were very excited. And honestly, this idea for me started last year in June. So, the juices really just became available not even a month ago. It was a long process. And everything has to be improved and we wanted to make sure they were organic. We wanted to make sure that nothing was genetically modified. We wanted to make sure there were no pesticides. All of those things were really important to us.”

From faulty bottle labels to the immense financial investment, the launch of Drink Fresh Juice didn’t come sans struggle. Yee revealed that at one point, just as they were set to launch, the bottle labels they received were sized wrong. Additionally, there was the matter of whether or not to recruit an investor(s). It was an issue quickly remedied by Yee because “if you believe in something so strongly that you want to sell it to an investor, if you have the money to do it yourself, why wouldn't you?”

Drink Fresh Juice can currently be purchased online and in select restaurants in Harlem and Brooklyn. And with Yee’s dedication to community and wellness education, there are plans to eventually offer the juices in locations outside of New York. 

“We really do care about our community...I want people to be more educated on what it is that they're putting into their bodies,” the radio host said. “And understand that not all juices are created equal...I think a lot of times when it comes to things like this, our community isn't targeted. And there are so many food deserts. And we talk about it all the time. People have always come to me 'Oh, I wish you could put your juice bar here. I can't find anything healthy.' That was part of the reason why I thought something like this [would work].”

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