End of Healing Girl Summer Health Tips Checklist

Yes we remixed the term.

I’m sure many of us exclaimed "hot girl summer!" at some point or the other these last few months which to me meant living life unapologetically, bold and brave, and most importantly setting boundaries and having self-love as strong as Megan The Stallion kneecaps. Although the summer is ending, that doesn’t mean catering to your well-being and health should.

So I compiled 9 end of summer tips to gear you up for "Fierce in the Fall!"

1. Run… NAKED: We love to have music playing in our earbuds and phone in hand. Try leaving behind your earphones, electronics and any tech gadget that distracts you on your next outing. With no time to track your pace, mile and calories burned you will see the freedom and just running naked. 

2. Walking with a Twist: Try holding a sneaker at each end and twist. If the shoe easily rotates, the midsole is worn, then that means that you need a new workout shoe.

3. Taste Your Food: We are all so used to moving at 100mph that sitting down to eat is more a nuisance then a pleasure so we literally don't take time to taste our food. Therefore we don't pay attention to the taste and textures of the food, so you short yourself of the eating experience. Next meal you eat, do it alone, literally. 

4. Building Booties: Do a squat or lunge but don’t come out of that last rep, sit into the exercise and bend a little more, hold for about 5-10 seconds; drop even lower, hold another 10 seconds. Finish off with a pulse count of 10 seconds.

5. Spice, spice baby: Add some flavor to your food by incorporating spices and seasonings to your food, this controls the portion intake to lose weight. Research studies prove that people eat less when their food is new and spicy, providing more benefits.

6. Make sleep a Health Priority: We can agree that we are 2 different people before and after a nap. Well not only does sleep help with your mood and improve athletic performance, it can also reduce inflammation and joint pain. 

7. See the upside, down. Start by bringing your heart above your head regularly. Yoga is known to reduce fatigue, increase vitality, and slow aging down because we all know we want to remain as youthful as possible. But ultimately it can boost mental tranquility and spiritual growth.

8. Are you really hungry or just need some water? It’s often times where you find yourself when dehydrated and your stomach wants to have you believe that you need to eat rather than drink. So think about it next time, if you just ate then shouldn’t be hungry, next time try drinking a iced cold glass of water before you reach for that snack, then wait 15 minutes.

9. The Good Fats: Olives, nuts, and avocados which are monounsaturated fats have increase fat oxidation, especially that fupa we all love to hate. And they can help you stick to your diet easier because fat is filling and adds flavor to your meals.

Ultimately we tend to slow down in the fall and winter months, more nesting than moving our bodies, travel, exercising and outdoor activities. It's also a time when we're focused on racing against the end of year clock, school activities for our kids and the holidays when it's about everyone else. So just as we make to-do lists for work and home, let's make a to-do list for our self care and well being.

We got this!

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