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For Us, By Us: Seven Black Woman-Owned Brands That Keep Us Wanting More

I would consider myself a product junkie. I'm someone who loves to try new brands in order to enhance my grooming routine. Yet, a lot of brands on the market aren't always formulated to make sure I get the best experience.

Whether it's about trying to find the right hair-care product or shade of foundation, the recent shifts in product availability reflects the growing demands of black consumers on different industries. Black women's buying power is what helps to move the economy forward and it is time we had products that address our unique beauty needs.

During this uncertain time for small businesses, this is the time to support them; which is why I decided to bring you seven beauty and self-care brands created by black women.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Price Range: $18.99 - $35.99


Sunscreen, SPF 30 (Individual Bottles)

Boss Lady Gift Set

BGS Kids

From its 2016 creation in Miami, Florida; this brand has worked to demystify the need for sunscreen in the black community by emphasizing that ALL people need to protect their skin in the sun. Whether going to the beach or stepping outside on a sunny day, the need to protect your skin is REAL.

What makes this product worth purchasing is that it was formulated with black women in mind. For many black women, it can be hard to find sunscreens without the grey residue, but Black Girl Sunscreen helps to eliminate that problem. The sunscreen also doubles as a moisturizer and protect-ant, helping to moisturize while allowing you to enjoy the sun's rays.

While Black Girl Sunscreen has a few items to explore the best thing to get is their signature sunscreen which includes SPF 30. This is sold in individual bottles and is a great go-to wherever the sun's rays may find you.

Eve Milan NY

Price Range: $5.00 - $75.00


Skin Clearing Tea


Face Wash

Face Pads

Face Masques

Face Serum

Cleansing Sponge

Gift Sets

Eve Gilliam is the New York-based Esthetician who founded the Eve Milan NY brand. Gilliam spent nearly 10 years in the skincare industry and started the company when she was only 19 years young.

The brand was started with the premise that makeup usage should be optional. Women can achieve their skin-care goals and not use makeup out of necessity. In turn, the brand is free of toxins such as parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors to ensure women are meeting their skin-care goals.

While most skin-care professionals would argue that their products are worth the buy, there is something to be said for Eve Milan NY's conscious use of ingredients and formulation.

For newbies and faithful customers alike the best thing to purchase from this company is either the "Revitalizing or Balancing Trios". Both sets are great to make sure you keep skin-care staples in your bathroom and also help tackle your individual skin issues.

Posh Candle Co.

Price Range: $15.00 (most products)




Posh Candle Co. began as a hobby for its creator Tay, MSW when she would make candles for family and friends in 2014. However, the company wasn’t established until 2016, when she found herself as a new mother, graduate student, and unemployed.

What makes us love this brand are the ingredients, message, and philanthropic tie-ins. All candles are soy-based. Each scent is inspired by pop culture and incorporates catchy phrases that leave the customer with a message of self-love and a positive mindset. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds goes to women entrepreneurs and projects that “help women stay lit”.

Posh Candle Co. is a lifestyle brand that speaks to black women in their vernacular. Who wouldn't want a candle that gives you aromatherapy and an uplifting message at once?

Finding the perfect suggestion for Posh Candle Co. is hard because of this company's amazing branding. However, you can can't go wrong with purchasing their statement candles because everything this brand does is right on message. Just try not to spend your whole check!

I See You Wellness

Product Price Range: $16.00 - $70.00


Facial Toner

Roll-On Essential Oils

Black Soap

Soy- Wax Candles

Sage Bundles

Bath Salts

Multi-Use Oils

Wellness Conference

The theme of this brand is self-awareness through healing and its founder achieved just that. Miriam Mouna Guessous is the Moroccan woman behind this lifestyle brand that provides products, a wellness studio, and conference to customers. After experiencing years of unhappiness in a seemingly perfect life (career, love-life, etc.), Miriam describes her journey as one of self-discovery that resulted from a random encounter with yoga.

Products include bath salts, smudges, and candles (to name a few). If that already wasn’t enough to strike your interest, you can attend the annual Zen Day Community Wellness Conference “that promotes movement, mindfulness, and modern spirituality among women of color…”

I See You Wellness is a force to be reckoned with as a brand that promotes a community among conscious women of color while providing holistic wellness in the cathartic experience of sisterhood.

While "I See You Wellness" provides a range of products to fulfill your spiritual journey the best "product" offered would be the Wellness Conference. Meeting like-minded people in safe spaces is always a good investment!

Zen in a Jar

Price Range: $7.50 - $90.00


Whipped Body Butter

Signature Aloe-Based Body Wash

Pillow Mist

Bath Soak

Signature Bath and Body Honey

Perfume Roll-On

Soy Candles

Body Polish

Hair and Body Mist



Hand Soap

Room and Linen Spray

Honey Soap

Intimate Wash

Gift Sets

This brand lives up to its name as it provides a range of products that leave you feeling at peace with your purchase, and the world. Zen in a Jar, is a Maryland based company founded by Nikki. The products give customers a sensational experience with its unique fragrance combination and use of all-natural ingredients. Whether shopping the popular whipped shea butter or her equally tantalizing candle options, the company desires to “create luxury experiences for the mind, body, and pace…at an affordable price”.

ZIJ stimulates your senses with it and simultaneously pays homage to black creatives with its product names such as "Hendrix" (Jimi Hendrix), "Billie" (Billie Holiday), and "Josephine" (Josephine Baker). This company is worth the haul if you are looking for pampering products and inspiration at the same time.

My favorite product is the body polish titled " Unbothered". This luxurious scent is the perfect combination of fig and eucalyptus and will help to enhance any shower experience.

The Lip Bar

Price Range: $13.00 - $36.00


Lip Makeup

Eye Makeup


Face Kits

Gift Sets

Who doesn’t love a classic red lip? While most of us enjoy wearing neutrals, nudes, and other traditional lipsticks, The Lip Bar has many other options which make it stand out with its unorthodox shades of greens, blues, and other hues. The Lip Bar launched in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. The brand prides itself on being a vegan and cruelty-free makeup line that gives customers a “Fast Face System” to help them “Streamline their beauty”.

The Lip Bar challenges the beauty standard with its selection of non-traditional hues and the use of models across the melanin spectrum.

The Honey Pot

Price Range: $7.99 - $35.00


Feminine Wash

Feminine Wipes


Soothing Balm


Gift Sets

While some were introduced to this brand by way of recent controversy, others found themselves in love with The Honey Pot since the introduction. The Honey Pot has existed to serve the unique feminine hygiene needs of women. Its founder, Beatrice Dixon, says she started The Honey Pot while struggling with her own feminine hygiene journey. She asked the ancestors for a cure and that's how she created the brand. What makes this brand worth the buy is that products are created with all-natural ingredients. Additionally, she created three different feminine hygiene systems (Normal, Sensitive, Mommy to Be) that meet the preference of each consumer.

Although all products presented by the company are great, the best products are the feminine pads. The menstrual pads are infused with herbs that soothe cramps and provide a cooling effect to users.

Whether you are looking for a new skin-care routine, makeup, or aromatherapy product there are options for black consumers. As a black woman, I think it is important to invest in black - women-owned businesses. There is something to be said for brands that are culturally relevant and also address our unique wellness needs.

Self-Care should be an experience that speaks to you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When buying into a brand, you are buying into a message and experience so why not make it something that speaks to you?

Happy Shopping!

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