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Gift Guide: For Hair

It's that time of the year! The best part about this guide is that many of us became our own personal hairstylist during quarantine and landed on the right product that got us through.

The beautiful transformations of style that emerged along with new ways to take care of our hair will forever be a memory of 2020. To continue with everything we learned about our hair, to new and different styles we tried, and to our favorite looks we saw on our family, friends and even strangers, below are products to gift someone for their next style!

If you are shopping for a sister, cousin, friend, or significant other, this guide is for you.

What to Wear to Sleep

Once we choose a protective style for our hair, we still have to protect it while we are sleep. Sometimes, a simple scarf won't do it. This gift is great for a woman you know who wears styles for a long time and may have delicate hair. You will help them preserve their favorite hairstyles for as long as possible!

CBD Hair Products

CBD is just about in everything these days. Why not try it for our hair? "CBD and Anagain is a combination made into a unique formula that not only promotes hair growth, but it thickens hair through use. This combination is sure to grow hair on stressed edges, hair loss due to stress, and strand density due to over-processing and damage."


Don't skip the scalp! The magic number for a great wash is three times. Adding a cleanser or rinse to your shampoo routine can ensure that your scalp is nice and clean. Cleansers are good after braids, twists, a hot oil treatment, or hairstyles that have been kept in for more than two weeks. For your friend who's scalp could use some extra TLC, they will enjoy any of these products.

Hair T-Shirts

Know someone who not only loves their hair but takes great care of it, and is constantly giving you hair tips? They are always on the prowl for the next best hair-related thing and have all the makings of becoming a hairfluencer. This is the gift for them.

Hair Masks

Those of us who are obsessed with our hair and love it so much that we blow off plans just to spend an entire day just to clean and moisturize it, or who have a habit of sleeping in a deep conditioner; this product is for us! Your shampoo day will never be the same after this. Below are three hair masks that not only restore and strengthen your crown but rehydrate it as well.

Hair Travel Kits

Gotta protect your hair on the go! Help a friend who travels a lot and shouldn't have to check in a bag just to satisfy their hair needs.


We all use brushes to maintain our hairstyle, whether it is to detangle the hair or to lay down our edges. Brushes are the perfect add-on to an existing gift, and you could never have too many.

Scalp Scrubs

A scalp scrub is a must-have for a friend or colleague who does their own hair and is open to trying something new. It helps to remove any excess oils or buildup and is an awesome self-care ritual to add to a hair regimen.

Hair Growth Serum

Serums are a great addition to an existing gift or simply just an FYI to let your friends know that there are multiple types that serve different uses, and benefits. Hair growth serums are great for braids, extensions, and natural hairstyles.

There are a plethora of products for all of your friends and family, who vary in hair types! Have you used any of these products? If so, feel free to share your experience with them in the comments!

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