• Sahmia Parks

Gifting as a Love Language

Good gift-giving is an art. It can lift a spirit, be a sign of appreciation, and in this case stimulate a love language. We all have a love language that works best for us. According to Gary Chapman, author of “The 5 Love Languages,” knowing one another’s language in a relationship can work wonders in understanding how we express and receive love. With gift-giving it is less about the gift and more about the thought behind the gift.

Do you suspect that your partner enjoys receiving gifts as a primary expression of love? Here are some pointers which will help clear out your doubts:

  1. Do they seem to take pleasure in shopping so much that it feels like a hobby rather than a chore?

  2. Do they enjoy offering gifts and put a lot of time and thought into creating memorable mementos for their loved ones?

  3. Do they treasure gifts they received a long time ago because of the sentimental value they hold?

  4. Do they collect souvenirs from every trip they go on?

  5. Do they have a remarkable ability to pick the perfect gift in any situation?

If this sounds like your significant other, it is safe to assume that small gestures like receiving thoughtful presents is one of their primary love language(s). Understanding how they are wired to perceive love is essential so that their expressions of affection don’t get misunderstood.

During this joyous season of giving it is important to understand one thing, no matter what type of gift you give, as long as it’s in alignment with the person you are gifting, it will be well received. Be sure to have an understanding that the gift itself is less about the monetary value and more about the intention. Here are a few tips on how to give your partner the perfect gift.

1. Know your partner

How well do you know your person? What are their interests? What sparks the joy in their heart? A tip on giving is paying close attention to the one you are with. In my case, My partner has a passion for building things. He is a natural-born builder. When we first started dating I would run around guessing what he would like not realizing that I didn’t pay much attention to his interests in detail. I knew he loved football based on our history (we met when he played football and I was a cheerleader for the team), but getting him something like his favorite team's memorabilia felt so generic. The more time we spent together, the more I realized his passion was for welding, so tools for his business became my go-to. I take stalk of what he doesn’t have and add to what he needs. Paying detailed attention to your partner makes the holiday season much easier and takes away a lot of the guesswork. If your significant other is a fitness fanatic, your go-to could be new gym equipment since in the age of Covid-19, home workouts are the norm right now. If he/she is into reading great literature, a few new books to expand their mind is always a fantastic option.

2. Gifting Shared Experiences

Everyone loves creating great memories don’t they, so why not surprise your lover with the gift of an experience? This ties into knowing your partner well, and serves as a nice way to create special memories. Try doing something you’ve never done before that you’ll both enjoy. This can be a surprise trip out of the country, skydiving, parasailing, or all of the above. If you are with the adventurous type that enjoys quality time and new experiences, this is the perfect route. New experiences are always fun to think back on, and you will always have a story to tell about that "one" time.

3. The Gift of Pampering

Spa days and self-care are so essential these days, even for men. So why not treat your Beau to a spa day? This can be done in a few different ways. You can treat yourself to a date at an actual spa (https://www.burkewilliams.com/) they normally offer treatments that can be done as a couple. Men also enjoy a good manicure and pedicure, especially when it is done by their partner. It is a great way to bond and build intimacy within your relationship and a great way of showing appreciation.

Keep in mind all gifts should be given with the right intention and always with our partners in mind. The most fulfilling part of gift-giving is knowing it came from your heart and the gratification of your partner's face lightening up from it. I love to surprise my partner with thoughtful presents because it is purposeful, and matters so much to him. With gifts, it's always the personal touch that makes it that more meaningful.

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