Healing Through Movement

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

My Motto: Sitting kills while movement heals…

Movement is fundamental to human life. At the most basic level, a living body is a moving body. There is a physical and spiritual awakening that the body goes through once in motion. Your body is intended to move. Your body has joints, muscles, tendons and bones all working in collaboration to create motion.

Pilates Founder, Joseph Pilates said, “Change happens through movement and movement heals.” This quote has reigned true in my life.

Years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease (auto immune disease). One of the symptoms is muscle loss, which indirectly causes your joints and muscles to weaken. Through deliberate movement (Pilates), I have been able to not only sustain but regain muscle mass. Another symptom is hormone and chemical imbalance, which causes depression and anxiety. Through a consistent mindful movement (yoga and moving meditation) practice, I was able to control my anxiety and eliminate manic episodes.

Movement is medicine to your entire being and you have the power to create, shape and be your own medicine. It is scientifically proven that slow deliberate motion exercises for inflexible joints and stiff muscles deliver a form of lubrication for older joints and can even prevent some pain before it starts. I tell my clients daily: “Motion is lotion!” Several recent studies have shown that conscience movement can prevent some diseases, ease the symptoms of others, and even reverse some chronic conditions.

Carol Welch once stated, “Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.”

Movement can also have a number of mental benefits. Exercise has been known to be a mood stabilizer and now meditative movement is beginning to become more popular with professional therapists for treating depression and other post-traumatic disorders. Did you know that centering yourself, mental alignment, changing your posture, breathing, and rhythm can reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, which all leads to a positive feeling of well being? Take 3 minutes right now and try it.

In The Finish Line was Just the Start, my book on how to be relentless and resilient in life in order to awaken to your renewal, I write about how I found healing of my mind, body and spirit through running. Movement became my medicine for life’s pain along with my physical paralysis.

To start your personal journey towards healing through movement, here are six simple yet transformative steps:

  • Recognize your body craves movement.

  • Discover what kind of movement fits in to your lifestyle

  • Schedule days and times on to your calendar to be active

  • Make it fun and enjoyable so that it doesn't feel like work

  • Track your progress in a journal.

Of course, you can jump into healing through movement by joining the OMNoire community and attending one of the three OMNoire Wellness Retreats this year! I'll be in Arizona for Glow In OM - The Summit in April. Meet me there and let's move together!

Movement is life. Movement is medicine. Movement is healing. 

About the author:

Among her many accomplishments since taking her fate in her own hands, Crystal Hadnott has run over 100 full and half marathons since October 2006 and on several different occasions, she has also run a 202-mile relay race. In addition, she is known to bike 150 miles in the BP MS-150 in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Her next challenges are running all 50 states as well as conquering her first ultra marathon.

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