• Savannah Saint Juste

How backlash from racist trolls after Target Ad taught us all about support

A Target commercial was released on Black History Month, as a way to celebrate the history of Black entrepreneurs.

Beatrice Dixon, owner of a plant-based feminine care company, The Honey Pot was featured in that same commercial called “Founders We Believe In”, where she explained how starting her business wasn’t easy; however, she expressed her gratitude for having a large retailer such as Target, believe in her and carry her products.

Towards the end of the ad, Dixon mentioned the importance of her company doing well, in hopes that the next black girl with a great idea, will obtain an even bigger opportunity.

Surprisingly, a sea of individuals swarmed to leave unpleasant remarks on a review website, TrustPilot — explaining that Target and The Honey Pot are in fact, discriminating against white people. Many of these comments were from people who had never even touched her products or knew of its impact, as a plant-based feminine care line. The story spread all over twitter and many responded to the unfortunate events with much-needed support and comfort.

Since then, the company's sales have doubled, and most of its popular products have been sold out. This is a prime example of the power of community, and why it is so important for us to uplift, support and unite with one another in times of adversity.

Personally, this particular instance made me upset and I jumped on the bandwagon to leave a supportive comment.

It really touched upon the reality of how words spoken by a black woman can cause such an uproar because a certain group of people felt enraged for being excluded from the narrative. It is mind-boggling that something as simple as uplifting the next black girl to seek opportunities was misinterpreted; seen as discriminatory and borderline racist.

Even though this is such an unfortunate event, the outpouring of support and love from all over showed me that everything happens for a reason.

But let’s not focus entirely on what happened that led to the exposure of the company, but instead, let's celebrate The Honey Pot and its founder, a black woman, who saw a need and created a brand that caters to ALL women using the power and versatility of herbs.

Like many of us women know, our periods can sometimes be tough to deal with, especially since we’ve found out that tampons, pads and other feminine care products are full of chemicals that do not serve us any good.

However, The Honey Pot really puts our feminine needs to the forefront— from pads to wipes, ranging from Normal, Mommy-to-be, to Sensitive.

And who does not love products that are organic, non-irritable and are made by a woman who knows all about intimate health?

If you don’t, then I don’t know what to tell you, sister.

As someone who supports wellness products and swears by them, this is a brand that is definitely on my list to try.

Despite countless efforts to bring this brand down, it’s safe to conclude that The Honey Pot is here to thrive and soar!

If you plan on buying you some of these products, definitely check them out on the brand's website.

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