How To Incorporate Pantone's Color Of The Year "Living Coral" Into Your Home For Optimal OM

Whether you're an interior design maven or a home decor newbie, you've likely heard about the announcement of Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral. Pantone describes the color as "an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge." And now that we've found ourselves at the start of spring, now is the perfect time to incorporate Living Coral into your home.

If you find that you're at a loss when it comes to fresh and fun ideas on how you can add a helping of Living Coral into your home, OMN has you covered. We've enlisted the help of Antoinette Arrington, Principal Decorator at SUP & DINE. From the windows to the wall, Antoinette has a number of tips on how you can incorporate Living Coral into your space for optimal OM.


"I think incorporating any accent color is definitely a great way to discover how you actually feel about interior design. I like to address key points in the room. So, your windows. If you feel like as a renter or even as a homeowner you want to change your curtains and incorporate that color for a [point], that's definitely going to change throughout the day. As the sun comes up, as the sun is going down. Whether they're open or closed. That really changes the dynamic of the room. You can apply Living Coral there."


"If you want to apply it to furniture, I'd suggest slipcovers or cushion covers for pillows. For sure something that isn't quite so permanent. Depending on the fabric you choose, you may or may not have a lot of care instructions that come along with that. Just depending on your frequency of use or what your household and life demands, you can inject some color by hanging a chair that you got from a thrift store or changing out the covers for the cushions on your furniture or things that you already own."


"If at all possible: porch and floor paint. If you have an old patio space that you want to spruce up, you can go outside and paint that. You can add it in with rugs. There are some flooring options in tile that if you want to do a mosaic, you can add some color there. And overtime, you can decorate around it. So, what was once a prominent feature then can become an accent. Depending on how you switch out other things in the space."


"I'm always a fan of florals. Bring some of the outdoors in. Any place where Living Coral exists in nature, whether it's foliage or flowers, bring it inside. Make a display of it. The more, the merrier. Pick one thing and use it in abundance. Put blood oranges, or apricots, or nectarine on your counter for a punch of color that you see every time you walk into the room."


"There are so many great options for temporary wallpaper that you could honestly pick a pattern, a solid. You could use decals. Add spots or stripes in Living Coral or any color of your choosing and really decorate a focal point. Or even a whole room without busting your budget or worrying that you're gonna mess it up because it's something that you have to do on your own to save a little money."

For more Living Coral inspiration, check out Antoinette's Pinterest board created for the OMN community.

And be sure to contact Antoinette directly for a spring consultation for your home. Services offered include interior decorating, style and aesthetic consulting (for residential and commercial spaces), and creative design direction (intimate events, workshops, etc.). She can be reached at for a project inquiry and application.

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