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Mindful Eating in Times of Uncertainty & Beyond: A Conversation with Chef Ahki

Updated: May 4, 2020

"People don’t traditionally connect themselves to the food they eat." Chef Ahki's statement has resonated with me since speaking with her. While the concept seems simple, it highlights our mindless connection to the things we put in our bodies on a daily basis. Whether relying on cooking traditions or simply not paying attention, it is imperative we take a critical eye to what's on our dinner tables.

Chef Ahki has made healthful eating a part of her life's work. Her relationship with food is nothing short of a marriage between the spiritual and personal. The Chef understands that "Food is a part of self-love and mental health."In part, it is with this understanding that she works to educate people on the benefits of eating vegan.

Her brand excites and inspires as she promotes what is called an "Electric Vegan Diet". According to the Chef, we eat a diet of "of blood and starch". Processed and animal-based foods that contain high amounts of fat and are acidic. "Acidic foods create disease in the body." Yet, the opposite of that is an Alkaline diet. Chef Ahki says that "Akaline food is essentially what we need to thrive. The best way to start and maintain healthy eating is by purchasing fresh foods (preferably from local food sources) that have a high PH balance." The incorporation of this diet allows our bodies to heal and promotes long-term health, as food serves as a preventative measure.

Among the amazing services she offers, the most important is how she creates a community with her platform. Her company brings people together who are actively working to change the narrative on healthy eating by starting with what is on their own tables. She is re-framing our mindset when it comes to cooking traditions. Those who join her online community will be pleased to know that she encourages people to "Make traditional recipes with newer ingredients. Create a new culture personally and create accountability by inspiring people to do better." This innovation empowers people to reshape their food journey.

"This is the opportunity to eat the food you have been running from." It is time that we evaluate our relationship with food; particularly, during times of uncertainty when our faith in systems and institutions are being questioned.

In turn, quarantining presents a unique opportunity for us to focus on the meals we prepare. So many times we find ourselves starting New Year resolutions centered on work out regimens and dieting. The time to make good on those personal promises is now. The great thing about the work Chef Ahki does is that it's not just for this period of quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her work is sustainable and gives us the tools to make long-term changes that have lasting effects on our health and how we interact with our planet.

Below are some of Chef Ahki's suggestions on how we can incorporate healthful eating into our lifestyles during the quarantine and beyond:

1) Boosting your immune system with healthier herbs and foods to eat while in quarantine (including but not limited to) :

- Oregano Oil

- Elderberry

- Hemp Seed

- Hummus

- Alkaline Foods

- Wild Rice

- Quinoa

2) Shop Local - Choose Farmers Markets

3) Be Creative: Cook Food that Will Last a Few Days at a Time

Ultimately, there is power in having a vegan lifestyle. Chef Ahki wants readers to know the benefits are numerous. Essentially, high vibration foods are better. They promote..."mental clarity... organ function. Less heart and blood issues, less chances of getting skin cancer, etc." Her call to action is that we utilize this time to tap into our higher selves and embrace this change to live "Electric".

To Keep Up with Chef Ahki and the Services She Provides:

Visit her website: https://gochefahki.com/

Chef Ahki EBooks To Download:

"Electric A Modern Guide to Non-Hybrid & Wild Foods"

" The Fibroid Elimination Recipe Guide"

"Superfood for the Modern Baby"

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