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By Antoinette Arrington

Great x Escape

How to create a retreat at home you don't have to escape from

Wake up. Eat breakfast. Get dressed. Get to work. Eat lunch. Finish work. Get home. Make dinner. Check Instagram. Go to sleep. Repeat.

We’ve been taught all of our lives that establishing a routine (and following it!) gives us a sense of calm and security. So we often do....when it comes to things we think are work, school, and paying bills. Often, we ignore our diets, our friendships, and more importantly, our downtime. 

In 2019, if you’re not carving out an intentional space in your home to just chill, or exercise, or focus on’s time to establish a place  for you to get your self-care on!

Here are some tips for creating a serene stay-at-home escape:


Take a walk around your home and go to the FIRST place that makes you want to stop walking, stop working, and stop doing. This could be a room that you never use or a corner by your favorite window. Consider unique spaces like a niche under the stairs, or unused walk-in closet. Clear it out and and get rid of EVERYTHING in it that cannot serve the intentions you’re setting. 


Now that you’ve found your space....ask yourself...what can I see myself doing here to find my center? Reading? Yoga? Writing in my journal? Then, take another spin around your house and see if you have any items that will inspire you to engage in that activity. Look for baskets that can store soft throw blankets or yoga mats. Grab your fave mug for tea or journals you may need.


Sounds can make a huge difference in taking an escape from good to GREAT! Wireless  speakers reduce visual clutter and give you the option to leave your phone in another room while you listen to music or your favorite podcast. Don’t forget to set your “do not disturb” so notifications don’t ruin the ambiance.

Need absolute silence or have trouble relaxing? Noise cancelling headphones + white noise machines are life changing. The great ones can be pricey, but they’re well worth the investment + knowing they will do what you need them to do.


This is always my favorite part! Here’s where you can really make the space yours and indulge a little...or a lot! Touch ALL of your senses to create an immersive experience.

  • Choose colors, textures, fabrics, and finishes that bring you joy as soon as you see or touch them. Throw blankets + pillows, accent chairs, mats + rugs, and even what you want to wear are great ways to inject some texture. 

  • Buy candles + linen sprays made with natural oils for a clean burst of fragrance. Adding a few drops of essential oil to a steam diffuser does double duty as both a mood booster and a facial!

  • Choose scents that remind you of a luxurious bath...a walk through the park in a spring breeze....or the scent of clean sheets fresh out of the dryer. 

  • Experience your space regularly! This will help you to assess what works for you....and what doesn’t! Be sure to buy/use/keep things that actually help you take a break.

Most importantly, RELAX. Your retreat is not up for debate or comparison. If you love it + it’s working for doesn’t matter what it looks like or whether you were able to spend astronomical amounts of money on it.

The point of it all is to dig deep, recognize what YOU need to feel calm, and supply that need intentionally as often as you can. This is a space where you come first and ANYTHING that doesn’t support that intention is not allowed.

About Antoinette Arrington

Antoinette Arrington is a Woman that is inspired to her personal evolution + self-care through home entertaining and decorating. She encourages women to not only have a seat at the table....but to take control over their personal spaces, relationships, and emotional progress by setting the tone, asking the tough questions, doing the work and celebrating it all with a good food + great company! Currently, you can find her keeping house and taking names over at SUP & DINE when she’s not helping her clients design the home or event space of their dreams! Visit Antoinette's website at

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