• Sahmia Parks

Spiritual Spring Cleaning as a Form of Gratitude

"The flowers of spring are the dreams of winter told, in the morning, at the table of angels"

- Khalil Gibran

Happy Spring Equinox! Time has officially gone back an hour, which means the springtime is officially upon us. Just like the flowers begin to bloom, the seeds we planted in winter begin to sprout up ready for us to tend to. I am a huge fan of spring cleaning to make room for new energy and new open doors. I usually take a weekend to take inventory of clothes and the old energy they hold from the year prior, to decide what to keep and what to release. This is not only a physical ritual but a mental and spiritual one. I like to call this process the 3 pillars of Spring cleaning. I use this as a way to spring forward into a fulfilling year.

As simple as it may sound, it is a process that forces you to unpack and let go of what no longer serves who you are this spring season; that baggage is sometimes in the form of habits, cycles, and a circle of influence. I like to take the Marie Kondo approach to this, where I only "keep what speaks to my heart, and get rid of the things that do not spark joy." I show each item gratitude for the lessons I’ve learned, and let them go in peace.


Commit 30 days to release an old habit and create a new one that benefits the life you are creating. That can look like releasing the need to rely on the snooze button and beginning to wake up at 5:00 am with a morning ritual of journaling, praying and stretching, or practicing yoga. Creating a morning ritual not only helps you mentally, but it aids in propelling the productivity of your day. Everyone's morning ritual looks different so be sure to adjust it to feel right for you. Maybe giving up your daily dose of social media to reading a book or starting a new class. You’d be surprised how much of your time you can maximize just by taking inventory of your habits and correcting them.


Have you checked your cycles lately? And no sis, not the one that comes every 28 days but unhealthy cycles that you’ve gotten caught up in. Personally speaking, I got into a cycle of starting a project, or a workout routine and not completing or fully committing to it. I would talk with my dad about my plans to become certified in yoga and to get in better shape but I mentally hadn't committed to actually doing it. He'd always say "Well Sahmia you have to change your mindset to become the best version of yourself. Focus on one thing at a time. You have to be intentional with everything that you do." I had a hard look at my commitment to my job and just how I am always determined to complete my work task for the sake of a paycheck, but I didn't give myself that same determination. A month ago, I decided to commit myself to break this cycle of not completing my goals and enrolled in yoga training to keep my body in shape. What cycles have you been holding onto that you need to release? Write it out, acknowledge it, and then release it. I have found that writing out my cycles and the lessons I’ve learned from them allows me to release them from a place of gratitude. Commitment and Intention are the perfect ingredients for breakthroughs to a better you.

Circle of Influence

The saying goes “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are." You are a reflection of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Ever take a moment to examine your peers? Are they forward-thinking? Do they hold similar values you hold? It is an essential part of growing to release the friendships that no longer serve who you are. I consistently assess my circle to see where we are as a collective, making sure my reflections are still shining. Granted, having to release friendships is sometimes painful because they hold history. This is not to say I release friendships every year, but I do assess where I give my energy. Without realizing it, we tend to hold onto friendships that do not feed who we are anymore. Maybe, you traded clubbing and hanging out for intimate nights in the house, or choosing to engage in more meaningful conversations that stimulate your mind, rather than settling for small talk. Whatever you choose, be intentional about it. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals so that you can continue to evolve into the best version of yourself. Thank your past with a dose of gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned.

Spring is for new beginnings, so give yourself permission to release what no longer serves you; be it clothing, habits, or people. Give it gratitude and appreciation for the time it was in your presence, and lovingly release it to make room for new things to grow.

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