What Hair Love's Matthew A. Cherry Taught Us About The Power of Manifestation

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

"Your Words Are Orders To The Universe"

Ever since Matthew A. Cherry, director of Hair Love, won the Oscar for Best Animated Short last Sunday, I can’t stop thinking about the power of manifestation, particularly when we speak our words out loud to the Universe.

If you don’t know the story already, Cherry tweeted on June 2, 2012, at 12:57am “I’m gonna be nominated for an Oscar one day. Already claiming it.”

Let’s pause here.

Not only what we say out loud, but the context in which we say our desires out loud is key to them actually manifesting in our life.

“I want to” and “I will” are two very different statements. When you say “I want to” you’re essentially asking the universe to grant you permission to believe in this dream and for it to believe in you enough to achieve whatever that dream is.

Instead, “I will” sets in motion a series of powerful vibrations that release into the world that what you "will" do, consciously and subconsciously, is whatever it takes to make these dreams come true.

What does that look like? We’ll examine that in just a moment.

Following that first tweet, on May 11, 2016, at 1:20am (note 4 years later), Cherry tweeted “Any 3D artists follow me? I got an Oscar-worthy short film idea to go with this image. Get at me.”

For some reason, the times of day at which he tweeted, late at night, also struck a chord and reminds me of this quote by Daymond John “I believe the last thing I read at night will likely manifest when I'm sleeping. You become what you think about the most.”

I don’t know exactly what happened between the years of 2012 to 2016 and preceding 2019’s Hair Love release, but what we do know is what he set in motion during that time came true on February 9th, 2020; Cherry was not only nominated for an Oscar but he home that coveted gold statue.

As for me, the last 2.5 years since launching OMNoire have been one big dream realized after another. However since Cherry's win, it reinvigorated me to get really serious about manifesting the ish out of my 2020 and life overall.

Below are some tips on how to join me on this manifestation train:

Journal Your I AM Statement:

Your I AM statement is a bird’s eye view of your life one year, 5 years, 10 years from now. The words you write here are the destination point, the journey of course follows.

  • Ex 1: I AM the owner of a multi-million-dollar beach home in Malibu

  • Ex 2: I AM a best-selling author and sought after motivational speaker

  • Ex. 3: I AM married to my best friend, soulmate and life partner who inspires me daily

  • Ex. 4: I AM the mother to kind, smart, and brave children who are making a positive impact on the world.

Write as many I AM statements that you can think of. This is the BIG vision for your life so it is truly limitless.

Pro Tip: Don't put a number next your goals, i.e. I AM a 2x best selling author, because what if you are 3x or 4x? By putting a number out there you could be limiting the universe on what it will actually grant you over your lifetime. Or sometimes if I want to be a little more specific, I'll put a "+" sign after a number which means I'm being open to receive an infinite number of blessings attached to that goal.

Try Future Journaling

Future journaling is essentially writing things down as if they have already happened. By doing so, you are bringing forth the emotion of achieving that goal and subconsciously you'll base your daily decisions on doing just that.

For example, today is February 17, 2020, I'll write in my journal February 17, 2021.

If it's a new home I desire, I will write "It feels so good to pick up the keys to my new home!" I'll then be specific on what type of neighborhood it's in, 3+ bedrooms, Jack and Jill sinks in the master, garden tub w/ separate shower, cream plush sofa, etc. etc.

This practice manifested the current car I have to every fine detail (make and model, exterior/interior color), my new home, finances and more.

Create Your 2020 Vision Board

Whereas your I AM statement is the destination, creating a vision board, either a physical or digital one, ex. Pinterest board, is your road map to getting there. Personally, I like to use my journal as my vision board so to speak by writing out all the things I WILL achieve that year.

If you’re creating an actual board, you want to add images/words that reflect what you want to manifest in your life.

It’s important to note that even when we create our I AM statements and vision boards, there is no time limit on when they will come true as there may be more work that needs to be done before they come to fruition.

Also, don’t fall into the trap that your goals have to happen this year because the Universe could be planning something much bigger that requires more time for it to manifest. Maybe you need to finish school, complete another certification, do some more work in therapy.

After crafting your I AM statements, you have ONE JOB…that is getting YOURSELF aligned so that when your life’s vision starts to manifest, you are ready to receive them.

Set Weekly Goals

Put those “I AM” statements to the side and get to work.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. To get that multi-million dollar mansion in Malibu, there are some necessary steps you’ll need to do to get there. Is it figuring out ways to scale your business, improving your credit, becoming more disciplined with your finances?

Baby steps still move us forward and they're just as important, if not more, then what's at the finish line.

These goals should not only be focused on your professional to-do list but also your personal list. If you’ve been meaning to find a therapist, write it down as the to-do for the week, check it off. If you’re way past due for your physical, get it done. It doesn’t matter how much you want to accomplish if you’re not mentally, emotionally and physically WELL to be around to enjoy the fruits of your dreams coming true.

Find An Accountability Partner

“Hold me accountable so I know it’s real. Hold yourself accountable so I know you’re real.”

Listen, I don’t know if the author was talking about romantic relationships but for the sake of this topic, we’re referencing REAL friends who won’t let us fail.

Seek out an accountability partner who will do a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly check-in with you. Perhaps you label it “mastermind sessions” so you two can sit down and brainstorm your goals then create a system to monitor your progress over a certain period of time.

On the flip side, an accountability partner doesn’t have to be limited to just professional goals, maybe you just want to lose weight, eat better, workout more, which are all actions that will help you to reach the finish line much faster because you’ll have increased energy, focus and more endurance to get there.

While you're working through these three steps, be as expansive with your desires as much as possible. When you speak your desires out loud, whether you wholeheartedly believe they will come true or not, your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference. It believes all that you say you will do is without a doubt true. Your job is to simply release them out into the universe and get to work.

It took Cherry 7 years to make it on that Oscar's stage because what truly mattered in the end is the work he did in the meantime to get there.

I can't wait to see what you manifest in your life in 2020 and beyond!

Drop me a line below to share one of your I AM statements so that you can come back to this blog post a year, two or 5 years from now when it all comes true!

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