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OMNoire 2018 Retreats

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Glow In OM retreat - Poconos



June 22-24

A vacation is always great, but a wellness retreat is even better. So escape the hustle and bustle of the city and join us for a relaxing and empowering weekend filled with inspiring talks, bonding, sisterhood and fun.

Set at the majestic Akwaaba Mansion at Noble Lane, the Glow in OM Summer Retreat is "Your Wellness Redefined", creating a safe space for you to define wellness on your own terms with like-minded women who are dedicated to living well from the inside out.  


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Glow Up Goddess Retreat - Bali

October 7 - 12

Presented by wellness brands, OMNoire & Live Limitlessly, the Glow Up Goddess retreat is the perfect blend of fun, relaxation, connection, and self-discovery. Created by women of color for women of color, this fun-filled, cultural, and wellness journey takes well-being to a new level by blending the perfect mix of chill, restore, grow, glow & explore to help you get energetically lighter within. Held in one of the most inspiringly beautiful places on earth, Bali's tranquil haven is the ideal backdrop for soul nourishment & spirit evolution. 

Packages start at $2,500 - $3,900pp

Retreat Hosts:

Christina Rice, OMNoire Founder

Chenoa Maxwell, Live Limitlessly


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Glow Up Wellness Retreat - Grenada, West Indies

October 2017

In recent years, Wellness Travel has grown faster than regular travel with people recognizing that recharging, refreshing and rejuvenating themselves regularly is part of a healthy work-life balance. During our first Glow Up Wellness Retreat in Grenada, West Indies our 50+ guests from all over the world were enriched through a well-rounded mix of yoga, meditation, panel discussions, day time adventures and night time social events. Tailored to open their minds and let goodness seep into their souls, they also joined an exclusive sisterhood that will last long beyond this retreat.



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